Personal Cooking Course

Those who want to become a chef, have a career in this field or learn service standards and strengthen their career by practicing can attend to MYK Gastro Arena “Professional Cooking Course” which is certified by YÖK (Council of Higher Education) in cooperation with Istanbul Gelişim University.
It offers its students 2 months internship opportunity in leading restaurants and hotels of Turkey with the reference of Chef Mehmet Yalçınkaya.
In the MYK Professional Cooking Course, where a free hygiene certificate is given, one-to-one training is provided in classes of maximum 8 people, with the process of the product from soil to table and a curriculum that includes a vision integrated with the world. Details of the Professional Cooking Course given at MYK Gastro Arena are as follows:

Who can join?

Professional culinary training aiming to acquire basic knowledge, principles and all equipment related to the kitchen. All food lovers between the ages of 18-55 who plan to start or continue their career in the food and beverage industry, who want to turn their cooking skills into a profession or simply become the chef of their own kitchen can participate.

What is the duration of the course?

MYK Professional Cooking Course is a 3-month planned program. Participants study two days 12 hours a week. The total training program is 12 weeks, 144 hours. After the course, a 2 month internship opportunity is offered in Turkey’s leading restaurants and hotels with the reference of Chef Mehmet Yalçınkaya.

What will you learn?

  • Orientation, Hygiene and Work Safety in the Kitchen
  • Chopping Techniques
  • Chicken Processing, Chicken Stocks, Binders and Veloute Sauce
  • Brown Broths and Sauces (Bechamel Sauce and Derivatives, Tomato Sauce and Derivatives)
  • Emulsified Sauces, (Mayonnaise and Hollandaise Derivatives)
  • Fish Processing and Water Heat Cooking Techniques
  • Shellfish Training
  • Advanced Fish Cooking Techniques (Hot and Cold Smoked, Gravlaks, Carpaccio, Tartar, Bacon, Confit)
  • Far Eastern Foods
  • Dry Heat Cooking Techniques (Roast, Saute, Stir Fry, Poelle)
  • Oil Cooking Techniques (Pan Fry, Deep Fry)
  • Meat Processing (Lamb) and Water Heat Cooking Techniques (Etuvée, Boiling, Cooking on Paper, Cooking in Salt)
  • Meat Processing (Beef) and Dry Heat Cooking Techniques
  • Mixed Heat Applications (Braise, Pot Roast, Stew)
  • Pasta Applications
  • Sous Vide, Confit Cooking Techniques
  • Salads and Appetizers
  • Turkish Cuisine from the Ottoman Empire to the Present
  • Artisan Restaurant Tastes 1
  • Artisan Restaurant Tastes 2
  • Burgers and Street Flavors
  • Using Technology in the Kitchen
  • Science in the Kitchen (Preparing Meals with Molecular Techniques)
  • New Recipe Developing